Top 5 CV Horrors You Should Avoid!

You could be the world’s best candidate but careless mistakes could really jeopardise your opportunities. We’ve previously written blog posts on how you can perfect yours which you can read here and here but we are yet to write about the most common mistakes we see in CV’s. So without further ado, we give you our top five horrors;

An unprofessional email: Let’s be real for a moment, do you think an employer is going to feel that you are credible with an email like We don’t think so. Why not set up a professional email specifically for CV and job hunt purposes? It will really help you look more professional and serious to potential employers.

Photographs: Unless specifically requested, drop the photo and stop wasting space. Fill it with important things like your work history instead!

Too many pages: A five page CV is not realistic for a potential employer to read when they have hundreds of others to get through. Make sure you have the key information in and cut out the nonsense. Another good way to shorten your CV is by catering it specifically for the job you are applying for. So that weekend job you had when you were fifteen, you can get rid of that.

Spelling mistakes: Proof read your CV and use spell check. There are no excuses for spelling mistakes when the computer can literally solve them for you!

No contact details: There is nothing worse than getting a really great CV with no contact details. In order to hear back about a job, you must include your name, number and/or email address. Without those, you can’t expect us to get back to you!

So there you have it, our top 5 CV horrors! If you have any more, then tweet us at @PeterboroJobs!

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