• 1

    Continual Bespoke Advertising

    Adverts are placed on our website, social media sites, online job sites and are displayed in our office windows. Additionally, we use social media sites to source suitable candidates when we have a specific job that we need to fill.

  • 2

    Initial Telephone Vetting

    All potential candidates are spoken to over the phone prior to being invited in to register at the office. This will give the Recruitment Consultant an initial indication of the potential candidates experience, qualifications and eligibility.

  • 3

    Immigration Checks

    All potential candidates must be able to prove that they are permitted to work in the UK. By following the UK Government Immigration Rules, all potential candidates submit their ID to be verified.

  • 4

    Registration & Relevant Testing

    All potential candidates must go through our registration process which includes submitting personal details and details of their previous job history. Testing is undertaken as required depending on the job that the candidate is being put forward for, this may include tests such as numeracy and literacy.

  • 5

    Face to Face Interview

    Following the initial telephone vetting and registration process, potential candidates are invited in to the office for face to face interviews for specific roles. This will allow the Recruitment Consultant to find out more about the individual.

  • 5

    Job Suitability

    All potential candidates are assessed for suitability against the job specification. This includes checking previous experience and qualifications relevant to the role.

  • 9

    Client Introduction

    Once potential candidates have completed the in-house checks, their details are forwarded to the client. The client then has the option to interview the candidate if required or invite them in for an induction.

  • 10

    Ready for Work!

    The candidate starts working for the client. Both the client and the candidate have on-going support from the Recruitment Consultant throughout the assignment.