It’s Not Just About The Interview…

It’s shocking how many people believe that all they need to do to get a job is impress the employer on the day of the interview. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong…you are selling yourself from the get go. Everything you do counts and trust me, employers notice everything. 

As a recruitment agency, we have a lot of people come and go. We see and hear a lot of things and over time, we have learnt just about everything their is to know about the recruitment process. When we created this blog, it was with you, our audience in mind. We want to help you when applying for jobs because lets face it, nobody wants to be unemployed.

So, with all of that in mind we have created a checklist for you to use throughout the application process to ensure you are the ideal candidate from the very beginning.

1. Applying online? Is your profile suitable?! – If you are applying for a vacancy through an online job board such as Reed, Jobsite or CV Library, please make sure your profile picture, username and email is suitable. No, we don’t want to see you on a night out with your friends…and no, we don’t want to see your hungover bedroom selfie. Will we be getting back to cheekygal01 …no, we definitely won’t be. We also won’t be sending any emails to Seriously – keep it professional.

2. Is your CV up to date? – So you have to submit a CV. Is it up to date? Have you included all of your positions and a small description of your job roles? Are your contact details up to date?! Don’t end up embarrassed and red faced in front of the employer because you’ve not updated your CV for the last five years and you no longer work for a corporate company but are unemployed. Dig out your ‘CV writing cap’ and UPDATE IT! Check out our blog post from the 12th August for more tips and advice!

3. Make sure you know what job you are applying for! – There is nothing worse than getting a call from an employer offering you an interview and not being able to remember which job its for. When applying, take down the job role, a contact number, the company name and the closing date. This way you’ll have a rough idea who is calling and it won’t leave you sounding confused and dazed over the phone.

4. Have you looked in the mirror? – Maybe you are applying for a job through an agency? If so, nine times out of ten they will require you to come in for an initial screening. You should treat this as an informal interview. Make sure you dress smart and present yourself well. Believe it or not, personal hygiene and appearance is important!! If you aren’t using an agency, you will go straight to an interview with the potential employer. This leaves little room for error. First impressions are everything! Looking good will not only go down well with the employer, but it will make you feel more’s a win win situation!

5. Are you available? – Stuck in a dead end job? Started applying for other jobs on a whim? Well, here at City Resource, we are all for finding someone a job that makes them happy! However, if you are applying for jobs whilst still at work, make sure you actually have the time to commit to interviews etc. There is nothing worse than giving someone a call wanting to offer them an interview to find out they don’t have the time of day. If you don’t have the time then please don’t waste ours. Don’t start applying for jobs unless you are fully committed.

Sounds pretty simple right? That’s because it is! By bearing these five simple tips in mind when applying for jobs, you’ll be the most desirable candidate out there. So, what are you waiting for? You have the materials, start making the product!

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