City Resource Training Department offer regular CPC courses. The course is on a five-day basis for full CPC or one day for a top-up. City Resource Training Department are very flexible with when the courses are ran and are happy to work with you in order to cater to your specific needs.

Please note, full day courses start at 08:00 and finish at 16:30. One day starts at £75, with a £50 discount if you book all five days at once. Our instructors have over 50 years’ experience in the Teaching and Logistics sector and are fully JAUPT accredited.

Our aim is give all participants the knowledge that they need to improve both their skills and experience. These courses are fully interactive with Qwizdom and participants are expected to interact with all the other students.

Courses Available


A Drivers Day

This course welcomes the driver to the Drivers CPC courses. This 3.5 hour course has been designed to give a very brief overview in to a driver’s day, refreshing and recapping over the basics of your daily duties.

The aim of this course is to refresh your knowledge with the simpler duties from your working life, which should in turn benefit yourself and your employer.


Drivers Hours, WTD and Defect Reporting

This course contains content which is part of your day to day life, something of which was set in place as a ruling of an LGV driver in order to keep yourself and others safe on our roads – Drivers Hours and Working Time Directive Laws.

By the end of this 3.5 hour module, your memory will be refreshed on the ruling, with the opportunity to discuss the regulations of which aren’t clear to you.


Digital Tachograph

This course covers Digital Tachograph Cards, VDO Digital Tachographs, Stoneridge Digital Tachographs, Printouts and enforcement.

This 3.5 hour course will give you more confidence when using the machines.


Economic Driving

This 3.5 hour course covers the Environment, Accidents, Stress, Road Works, Saving money, ECO Driving Techniques, Vehicle checks, Aerodynamics, Retarders, Forward Planning and Observation, Vehicle Maintenance and Fuel Efficiency.

This course covers the principles of economic driving and briefly explains how the driver will be happier and safer when driving in this manner.


First Person on the Scene

This course briefly covers, Assessing the scene, Emergency Services, S.A.F.E. Approach, Assessing casualties C.A.B.C.D.E., First Aid, CPR, Injury Management, Children and Animals, Dressings, Bandages, Bleeds, Burns, Fractures, Shock, Stroke, Medication.


The Highway Code

This course is designed to refresh your knowledge of the content in the largest purchased publication – The Highway Code.

Whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced driver, knowing the rules and regulations in this publication can save your licence, and can also save lives. You will be shocked at how little you know if you have not read this in the last five years.


Health & Safety

This course covers how to understand the meaning of Health & Safety, Overview of Health & Safety Act 1974

Identify individual responsibilities. Different legislations within the work-place and Safe practices. This is not as boring as it sounds. The object of this course is to make you look at health and safety in a different way.


Health, Diet & Fatigue

This course is to give drivers an insight in to a healthier approach, When was the last time a driver visited a salad bar at the side of the road. We have a reputation for not being slim super fit models.

At the end, your knowledge should be refreshed and hopefully, you will learn new things!


Licences & Fixed Penalties

This course covers Your Vocational Licence, DVSA Offence Penalty Levels, Operator licensing and the DVSA OCRS scoring system.


Safe Loading

Load handling equipment, Tail-lifts PUWER and LOLER Regulations, Safe loading of goods vehicles, Types of vehicles, Methods of restraint, Hazardous goods Enforcement, Livestock and Severe Weather.